"Make the SAFE Change at HOME" School Community Fundraising Initiative


NZ Schools need Fundraising $$$.


  • Does your school seek Fundraising Initiatives that are more than selling undesirable chocolates and lollies?
  • Do your school Fundraising initiatives help your community SAVE $$$?

Introducing the $mart Solution:

Off the back of the success in 2006 and through requests to be part of the Department of Conservation’s Conservation Week 2007, The Energy $mart Schools Trust will again be subsidising "Make the SAFE Change at HOME" School Community Fundraiser program.

The Department of Conservation’s "Conservation Week" is in the 4th Week of Term 3 i.e. 6th-12th August 2007.

The Energy $mart Schools Trust has identified that by simply changing 6 ordinary light bulbs in every New Zealand household to the "new generation" Marexim Energy Saving bulbs, the country would save the equivalent amount of electricity that would be enough to power both Hamilton and Dunedin combined!

Not only is this a massive $$$ saving, it also represents a massive "cost" saving to our Environment.

The Program:

Each nominated school will get $5, for each "Smart Pack" of Marexim Energy Saving Safety bulbs installed. Click here to see how it works

School Community Fundraiser Purpose:

The "Make the SAFE Change at HOME" School Community Fundraising Initiative is designed to generate valuable Fundraising $$$ for your school and at the same time help save your students' Family Power Bills.

Here is how to 'Turn on' the "Make the SAFE Change at HOME" School Power Saving Fundraising Initiative: Register your School details here to participate