Case Study:

Energy $mart School, New Zealand (example only)


To reduce the school’s electricity usage, power bills & carbon footprint. The major additional benefit also being a far superior working environment for students: reductions in headaches, nausea, and proven increase in productivity.


This is immediately achieved by upgrading existing, less-efficient Fluorescent Tubes (only) with the new generation Marexim Fluorescent Tubes (change over process = only 30secs).

Example Installation:

Example Current Example New Installation
Fluorescent Tube Types T8 36W T8 36W
a) No of Fluorescent Tubes 500 500
b) Lamp Wattage (W) 36 26
c) Ballast Inefficiency (W) 12 2
d) Total W Per Lamp (b+c) 48 28
e) Entire School's Use (W) (a x d) 24000 14000
f) Approx Annual Use (hrs) 2000 2000
g) Annual kWh use ((e/1000) x f) 48000 28000
h) Electricity Cost ($ / kWh) 0.21 0.21
Annual Power Cost (g x h) ($) $10,080 $5,880
Total Saving Per Annum ($) $4,200
Total Saving Per Month ($) $350

The above is based upon current electricity prices. Should electricity prices continue to rise, savings would become even more significant!

It is important to note that these calculated savings are a guide only, and a more accurate analysis would be needed, in order to provide your School’s actual cost and carbon savings.

For a Detailed Analysis specific to your school:

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