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School fears as Telecom axes $120m scheme

After hearing Telecom was axing its education sponsorship scheme, John Schollum had to pick his "jaw up from the carpet". Post Primary Teachers Association president Robin Duff said schools earned an average of $3500 a year through the scheme. Read More...

Hawke's Bay school offers naming rights for $60,000

A Hawke's Bay school is so desperate to keep its computers, it's willing to rename the school. Read More...

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Marexim Logoand The Energy $mart Schools Trust are here to help!

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Introducing the $mart Solution:

The Energy $mart Schools Trust has identified that by simply changing the schools linear Fluorescent Tubes to Marexim's new generation "Save It Easy" tube technology, you can save considerable $$$ off your School's operating costs - maintenance bills, as well as power bills.

Not only can you save money for your school but you will also be helping New Zealand and the environment by reducing power demand on our power supply infrastructure.

How much could you potentially SAVE? Click here to view a CASE STUDY

Features and Benefits from changing to Marexim Fluorescent Tube "Save It Easy" Technology:


  • Instant Start
  • Flicker Free operation
  • "30sec" change over (per Tube)


  • Power Savings – up to 35% per Tube!
  • Extends the life of your existing tubes!
  • Superior Learning Environment – better light for students to work in.

The Energy $mart Schools Trust knows that it is sometimes difficult for schools to find the capital outlay to re-fit their entire schools fluorescent tubes, so through The Energy $mart Schools Trust Partner network, we are able to provide a tailored solution to help switch your school’s Fluorescent Light Tubes to new generation Marexim lighting with NO CAPITAL OUTLAY!

The Savings made from the “Save It Easy” technology will be enough to finance the installation costs and you will still have money left over to help fund school activities or resources.

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