Teaching Unit

"Home Lighting Energy-Saver Detective" Multi Level Thematic Teaching Unit

Introducing the $mart Solution:

As part of the Department of Conservation’s Conservation Week 2007*, The Energy $mart Schools Trust will again be releasing its nationwide "Home Lighting Energy-Saver Detective" multi level Thematic Teaching Unit. This unit was a highly successful with schools in 2006.

Program Purpose:

The "Home Lighting Energy-Saver Detective" program is designed to help teach students how to SAVE for the Future - by Saving Power and preserving our Environment making it more Sustainable for generations to come


The Program:

The Thematic Teaching Unit focuses on the hot topic of "Energy Conservation in the home". The program teaches how we ALL can play our part in alleviating the associated "Energy" problems that New Zealand now faces including our current contributions to greenhouse gases, landfill waste and global warming.

Key Points about the Program;

The Multi Level Education Unit is:

  • Fun for the students
  • A complete "open & teach" module that requires very little planning
  • Linked directly to the New Zealand Curriculum documents. It ensures teachers are able to achieve their Curriculum requirements throughout the program

The Education program:

  • Utilises investigative, problem solving and conclusion drawing skills.
  • It also calls students to action based on the solutions from their findings.
  • It embraces "Energy Conservation" and contributes to NZ's conservation Education needs
  • Fully completed, the program can inadvertently lead to very large savings on the students Home Electricity bills

Here is how easy it is to get started:

Register your School details here to participate

*Although the unit is designed to be part of conservation week, teachers may choose to extend the teaching time to suit your teaching schedule.

**If downloading the files and printing in colour is not possible at your school, printed copies can be made available through the Trust. A small fee per copy will be charged to cover the Trust’s printing costs. No courier charges apply.