Terms & Conditions

The Energy $mart School Trust has undertaken to provide the means for School Communities to benefit from saving power in the home. We do this with the best interests of our school communities.

We take it in good faith that you as a member of the schools communities respect our position as a Not For Profit Community Trust. For this reason we deem necessary to outline for you what we are able to do in the instance that you are dissatisfied with product that has been supplied to your home.

Premature failure, In the instance that a Lamp or Light Bulb has failed prematurely (i.e. within 12 months of purchase), the purchaser will have the following 2 options:

Option 1:

Following the purchase of a further "Smart Pack" of six new generation Marexim Energy Saver Safety Bulbs, a replacement bulb will be sent FREE of charge.

Option 2:

Receive a refund of $6 per bulb. Arrangements for refunds will be made at the discretion of the Trust.

Product failure, as determined by the Product Supplier and Trust Supporter, caused by misuse, neglect, use not in accordance with instructions for use, accident, incorrect installation, dismantling or service carried out by unauthorised serviced technicians, electrical supply, Acts of God, or any other cause that is not related to the manufacture of the product, will not be replaced, nor will the buyer receive compensation for the value of the failed product.

The buyer acknowledges having read these terms and conditions and understands them. Acceptance and receipt of goods or services supplied to the buyer constitutes an acceptance of these terms and conditions by the buyer and therefore the buyer agrees to abide by these and be bound by them.

Please note: The Energy $mart Schools Trust and the Product Supplier will not be held responsible and will not cover any related or unrelated consequential losses or expenses.